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I have a picture of you placing our mortar to be useful inside a burm of sandbags.Does your memory recall any of that or do you know where I might get any details.There were three of us sharing the hut across from the PX and at least one of the guys was Signal and worked in the bunker.I am the son of Forrest Paige trying to gain an understanding of what he did for both personal and historical purposes.I remember it well, because it was my first night at Tuy Hoa.I have a hard time believing I am alive today because of that night.I did get my private flying licence here in the States in the 70s and still go up with friends that have airplane anytime I can.Jeremy, see my comments about your father on this site dated July 26, 2014.When I left Son Hoa, Captain Joseph Botello was the DSA and Captain Morris was his assistant.

Word got out that my girlfriend nicknamed me Teddy Bear and I became Tango Bravo to all the FACs.We may have circled around each other in the western Phu Yen districts.I am trying to gain an understanding of what he did for both personal and historical purposes.Seems like they were always after the team house and the naval gunfire marines.Jim Staebler (Lea and I shared a room for most of 69 at the beach compound.From the air I could see good old Chop Chai mountain and the Cham Tower close to the intersection of Rt. 1 and Main St. Tuy Hoa. I could also see that a new two lane bridge had been built next to the old.I recall the arty battery next door and some incidents there.

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As I remember the District Advisory Team and 3 MATs were located there.SFC Merrick, who finagled an insertion with one of the LRRP teams from the 173d.Hunter さん ([email protected]) 2008年 11月 12日 05時 08分 52秒 URL: Better an egg today than a.

Our mission was to find out who in the hell we were in contact with as he was not getting the info he wanted from the Arty guys in contact.Being fresh out of H.S. and into the Air Force, I was short on writing skills.Seeking information on Advisory Team 28 1966-1967. Maj. Joseph B. Wratten Jr.He was quite inspirational as a leader, and returned to RVN as a civilian worker following his retirement from service.Had Song Cau, Dong Xuan, Tuy An, Tuy Hoa, Son Hoa, and Hieu Xuong responsibility.If I recall correctly, you wore Ben Franklin glasses and had a handlebar mustache.I live on the Space Coast of Florida now and have 2 boards in the garage.

It was added to mine which I converted later that day when I returned to the compound.I was the Intelligence Advisor to one of the Districts in Phu Yen.As a young Captain working with a great SFC, I worked with the Phoenix Program (Phung Hoang).Lea, I remember that your sister used to send you boo coo ( beaucoup ) letters.

Does anyone remember anyone who was in Dong Tre from 68- to 69.Veronica decides to be red satin, and creates a slipstream of shifting realities.I do not recall working on the guard towers, but Colonel Sievers ordered me as Team Engineer Officer to get the entire defensive perimeter ready for an IG inspection complete with new berms, bunkers and an anti-rocket fence.He would only talk in generalities but I am sure as the years wore on he would have shared more. it was not a great time for anyone and it is understandable why those experiences stay in the back of your mind if you are lucky and not in the front.

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I had a few extra duties on the Team: Special Services Officer responsible for entertainment activities the most popular of which was volley ball played after chow almost every day, jungle rules prevailed.There was a TOC in the Compound, but no one could get to it because of steady automatic weapon fire from the North right across the door of the TOC.Unfortunately, Bob and I never got a live one to interrogate throughout the whole time.

I was there and sponsored two kids at the orphanage. Col. Without was that Chaplain that got us hooked up with the orphanage.Forgot to mention, click on the first photo and it will take you to the page with text and the comment box for each photo.Site pour les fans de puzzles faciles et difficiles. Résolvez et créez vos propres puzzles gratuitement. Partagez avec vos amis et jouez ensemble en ligne.Teaching me to maintain the generators and work the radios up at the TOC must have been quite a chore for your last job huh.I also visit the wall and Arlington to visit young Lt.James Ward who was overrun with his RF Co. north of Tuy Hoa on July 11th 1969.You were in Dong Xuan, probably with some of the people I knew during my brief sojourn there about June or July 1969.We continued to stay in touch, until I heard from Jane that he had sadly passed away.

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I stayed behind to continue training the VNAF radio operators in the TOC.They kept cutting my wd1 that went out our gate until I used a M1 carbine and grenade launcher to launch wd1 across our wire into theirs.

Obviously, there were many fine people who served honorably and bravely.At the time I was just happy to coordinate air support for the teams in the field followed by hanging out with my friends.

My friends thought I was in trouble when the FBI was in my neighborhood asking questions about me.One day I saw him find an old beaten up Mule, and the next day he was riding it around the motor pool.We fought them until almost sunrise, when they disappeared, probably to get back home in time to be at work (we later learned that the attack on the compound was carried out by VC, and the attack on the airfield was by NVA).

I was with material control for the USAF combat support group.One of the pilots there was a Black Belt Instructor in Taekwondo.My company was sent on that day to support 47th Regiment units engaged with NVA and VC units in North Tuy Hoa.The 5 members of MAT II-57 that we replaced got wiped out on hill 40.

Do you remember the name of the af fac pilot killed in early 68 went down in Dong xuan district.My wife, Susan and I saw Jay and his wife at her family beach home in RI not long before their divorce.Mind you this was all secure voice traffic, we maintained strict discipline on the open net.